I'm in USA until friday october 24, 2014

September 16 until october 5 in New York
October 6 until 11 in Beverly
 invited by Waring school to work with the students.
October 12 until 16 in New-york
October 16 until 19 in Columbia in the Maryland 
 I will go to meet a wonderful artist : Aline Feldman
October 20 until 24 in New York
October 25 I will be in Paris!

The purpose is to find partners to continue my project here!


is a project designed to be implemented over a long time 
in significant centers of our changing world. 


The project illustrates a long-term vision that I have of our world as it stands and of my own artistic development.

Several themes strike me as essential:

- Establishing the right position for each human being in a globalized and technological world as it evolves today;
- Trusting that each person-to-person encounter is unique and bear hopes for the enrichment of personal relationships;
- Expressing the diversities of culture, historical background and ways of life;
- Allowing women to take their role in our ever-changing world.

This project - WOMEN HERE AND NOW  is a serie on canvas of portraits of women from various origins and backgrouds, which hightlights their actual, visible, essential and long-standing presence.

Every portraits stems from interactions and exchanges with me in the women's home. The purpose is to highlight and show how the women express her connection with their environment through their face, body and gestures.

Every work will be subtitled with an excerpt from the conversation between the model and me in order to anchor the work in an everyday reality. 

The project will embrace a wide diversity of situations and cultures - from villages to capitalcities, in a variety of countries - to illustrate how women live and build their own destiny. 


I propose this project to art centers, cities and regions, able to host it, allow and support its development.

In each location, the project involves three sequences: 

I first immerse myself in the city, its history, its geography, its life and athmosphere. This helps me understand the rythm and allows me to have "encounters" - with individuals, organisations and groups - that can help me meet women who may be interested in my project.

Second, I will meet women in their home. I have prepared a questionnaire that I will use to structure a conversation with these women about their perception they have of their homes. I will take notes and pictures during the interviews, capturing gesture, attitudes and emotions. 

Finally, in my atelier, I will select a picture that I will use as the basis for my work on canvas. 

Description of the work:

- All portraits will be painted in a 130 x 130cm format, corresponding to full size portraits.
- The support will be traditional linen canvas, with no other primer than a simple sizing.
- I will use charcoal pencil (which I will fix at the end) for thes portraits, with a clear line, directly on the canvas. I have chosen this simple technique to better enhance the human presence. Deliberately avoiding shadow and light effects will insert the portrait in a time/space disconnected from its original temporality.
- I will include a few elements of architecture or furniture, laying with colors ranging from fluorescent yellow - which may reflect a modernity that tends to saturate the spacewith light- to untouched canvas, a space open to the future waiting for the usaid.

Thus composition of each portrait will express, in painting, perceptions from our conversation, expressing the tensions arising out of specific context, at a given moment in the model's life. 
Each work will be entitled with a sentence from our conversation to link the portrait with our exchanges. 


 " I was never allowed imprison". Barbara

"This appartment in Paris is my new live." Audrey

" For me the couple has to remain the heart of the home, 
otherwise we become only parents" Cecile

"I like feeling small in a big space, that reassures me." Gabrielle

" Here, the apartment is as a matrix, 
a place where we fall the social mask, it to appear." Joëlle

"I am always ready to take a suitcase ." Magali

PORTRAITS in Istanbul

"One of the things I regret the most is not to have written my diary."  Akile

My husband doesn’t like not knowing where I am." Hamine 

"Outside I have to adapt, at home I feel like a queen." Eliff

" If I had to choose between my apartment and being in the street, 
I would choose the street." Emine

"I like this neighborhood where I feel at home. It is like a village."  Naz